This is what a dam does, it halts the flow of water. Just as a physical dam stops the flow of water from progressing, being damned could be viewed as a stage of halting one’s progression because of actions and decisions they are making.

For years, Switzerland thrived at the top in the watchmaking market. Swiss watches almost became a sort of umbrella brand to the world. Everyone wanted a Swiss watch and Switzerland was delivering. They were on top of their game, that is, until Japan shifted the paradigm and stole most their business from them in the mid 20th century.

It was a time of innovation and new design. Amidst this time, Swiss watch makers developed the first battery powered watch. They came forward and presented their new invention to the rest of the Swiss watchmaking community. Unfortunately, this new style of watches did not reflect the intricate dial work that the Swiss were known for and therefore was discarded as any potential development for the industry.

The Japanese, who did not produce as great quality of products as they do now, swooped in and saw potential in the new battery powered watch. They started to mass produce this style and make their way very quickly to the top of the market. Switzerland was left behind and was not prepared for such a set back. Switzerland has caught up with the times and now produces battery powered watches, however, their inability to progress set them to a place where they had to work twice as hard to come back from.

Their progression was halted because of their fear to leave a place where they were comfortable.

And so it is in our Country today. I am a Millennial and am happy to be a part of a rising generation that has so much potential for the future. However, there is a number of my generation that does not seem to be rising.

This group is offended easily and shuts off any opinion that does not agree with their own or hurts their feelings. I am not proud that these members of society belong to my generation, but hey, every family has that uncle that never seems to get a job and is always borrowing money right?

Older generations might not understand this behavior, and to be honest, I don’t think I understand completely either. What I do know is that these select people of whom I am referring are going to find themselves in exactly the same position the Swiss did when the Japanese shifted a paradigm and took the lead in progressing.

I want to be very clear that there is no progression in “Safe Spaces.” The people who find themselves in College and offended by the environment in which they are and seek a safe space to cope and avoid such offenses are simply not going to become anyone if they continue living in such a way.

Honestly, these people do frustrate me because of the bad name they are giving my generation. However, my feelings for them stop there because they are not going to make a difference in the world. They are not going to be the innovators and revolutionaries they learn about in their college lectures. They are not going to inspire, uplift, motivate, or mentor anyone in life because of their inability to accept the things that add discomfort into their life and learn from it.

Safe Spaces are popular in the United States right now and can be found at almost every University. They are literally physical rooms that offended students who find life to be too hard can retreat into when they are emotionally triggered. They are a physical manifestation of a river’s flow being blocked. Those students are damning themselves with a safe space mentality.

I want to advocate for this mentality to be abolished and therefore see my generation continue to rise. There is no progression when there exists a fear to be uncomfortable.


Disclaimer: I am aware of the definition difference between the words dam and damn. What I am doing here is a combination of a play on words and the LDS Bible dictionary definition of damnation, which can be found at: