There is somewhat of a natural tendency inside of me to constantly compare myself with this image I have created of a successful influencer who should be changing the world presently, and in response am disappointed that I am not that person.

I think I have discovered the root of this pseudo image I have created to compare myself to. The root being the world of information that is so easily at my fingertips. Working in the field of communication, I have taken a liking to social media, mass media, news outlets, streaming platforms, podcasts, blog spots, and many other venues of information.

However, paired with this newfound addiction to information is this overwhelming comparison that those things which are being produced are things in which I cannot keep up with, either as a consumer or a producer.

If you don’t feel my agony yet, give this website a quick gander: It won’t take but a second to understand.

By the time I am finished writing this blog, there would have been over a million blogs already posted in the world.

Although this can be a damaging setback for the faint of heart blogger, a recent thought has given me courage in the eyes of the information wars. This thought being; now is not the time to produce great things, but rather, absorb great things.

You reap what you sow! Meaning, that you get whatever you put into it. In this case, I want to produce great ideas and be able to express myself in ways that can influence others. In the case of authoring ideas and information, I need to absorb ideas and information.

What better day than now to be able to consume such information that can be found anywhere. I can learn anything! The world is open to me and I don’t have to be a renowned producer of anything yet. If I take this time to truly learn and take advantage of the information that is at my disposal, then I will one day find myself producing the same grade A material that I am absorbing now.

This principle can be relayed to anything I feel. Preparation is a special part to our lives, and if we try to skip the preparation, I feel we endanger our possibilities.

Finding ourselves at the feet of so many information gauntlets can be intimidating and from that can be conceived a  false idea of comparison. If the mindset was changed to a content stage of preparedness, there is a hope attached that can be healthy and nurturing for the time that will come in the future.

I will then call forth the potential within me to shine and produce those things that will change other people’s lives. I don’t need to feel anxious because now is the time to sit back and absorb.